Saturday, June 27, 2015

Epic Armageddon!

I haven't posted on here in over three month, but this place certainly isn't dead yet.

Back when I first started playing Warhammer 40k in 1999, I naturally came across all the other games GW produced at the time. I quickly took an interest in Epic 40k. The scale and scope of the game really sparked my imagination, as it in my opinion nicely captures the way battles in the 40k universe should look. Hundreds of Guardsmen, squadrons of tanks, Titans - it's all there.
But I never actually bought into it, because at the time I could not convince any of my friends to pick the game up as well.

Fast forward to 2015 and I stumbled across Epic again. After marveling at pictures of different Epic armies this spring I found myself increasingly wanting to collect and build an Imperial Guard army in Epic scale.

While dreaming about a hobby project is one thing actually doing it is quite another. Luckily I found all the motivation I needed in a chance encounter at a wedding last week. Turns out there is a very active Epic community in my city.

So off I went, starting to collect and paint my Imperial Guard army in Epic scale.

Naturally I'll stay with the Valhallans, albeit painting them in a more traditional paint scheme then their 28mm counterparts from the 23rd:

Epic Imperial Guard Valhallans

This is the first squad I painted as a test. I am happy about the result. The red details on the autocannon are a nod to GWs red period and to provide a little pop. The snow on the bases was a first for me, but I like how it turned out.

Going forwad I made a schedule that takes into consideration everything that needs to get done for this army to actually be finished, nicely broken down into smaller sub-goals. My deadline is set for October 31st.

Friday, March 6, 2015

What the postman brought Part II - WH40K 2nd Edition Box Set!

So here is the 2nd part of "What the postman brought" - a 2nd edition box set!

While I already had all the books contained in this set, I've wanted to own a complete set ever since I got back into the hobby. There is just so much stuff in there.

Let's take a look:

WH40K 2nd Edition Box Set

The box art is great and very iconic!

WH40K 2nd Edition Box Set

The back of the box shows just how much stuff is in there! It also helped me to see if everything that is supposed to be in there is actually there.

WH40K 2nd Edition Box Set

Upon opening the first thing to catch the eye is the huge amount of miniatures. There are 20 Space Marines, 20 Space Orks and 40 Gretchin in there. Not much needs to be said about those miniatures, as they are all posed the same. I don't know what, if ever, use I will have for them.

WH40K 2nd Edition Rulebooks

The books. I actually already own all of these. They are great, especially the artwork. Besides the rulebook there is the Codex Imperialis, which not only contains some fluff for all the races, but also stats for the most common units of all the races. The Wargear book contains fluff and rules for many of the weapons commonly found in the Warhammer 40k universe.

WH40k 2nd Edition Templates

Cardboard. This is one of the reasons I bought this set. I already had many of the vehicle cards and templates, but I was missing all of those little tokens used to denote things like troops that are ablaze or on overwatch. To me all this cardboard material is a huge part of the whole 2nd edition experience, so owning them was very important to me.

WH40k 2nd Edition Cardboard Terrain

Same with the terrain made of cardboard. While I am not sure this will be a permanent solution for my games, it sure will come in handy during my first games.

WH40K 2nd Edition Sustained Fire Dice

Let's not forget the dice. While normales d6s and artillery dice are still common, there are also two of the "sustained fire" dice in the box set. Let's hope there will be many 3s and very little jams in the future - I am looking at you Sentinels and Heavy Bolter teams!

WH40K 2nd Edition Scenarios

And last but not least there are some flyers and a small booklet. Of note is of course the reference sheet and the scenario booklet. There are three missions using the terrain and miniatures of this box set, but maybe I'll try and tailor them to the forces I plan on using in my first games.

I am very satisfied with my purchase and am now officially all-set for my first games of Warhammer 40k 2nd edition!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

What the postman brought Part I - Sentinel Squadron

Just a quick update - today the postman delivered my latest eBay find: A squadron of 3 classic 2nd edition Sentinels.

I never had those back in the day, so now I am even happier to own three of them! The newer Sentinels aren't half bad in my opinion, but I think these old ones have more character. And those Assault Cannons surely look menacing. I am already praying to the dice gods for a lot of dakka-dakka-dakka and no jamming!

Of course they will have to be stripped and then repainted. Also the operators will have to be replaced so as to better fit the 23rd Valhallan regiment! I am very much looking forward to it.

Imperial Guard 2nd Edition Sentinels

The "What the postman brought"-theme will be continued tomorrow, as he indeed brought more 2nd edition goodness I just don't have time to photograph right now!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Female Valhallan Trooper - New Conversion

Over the weekend I came up with a new conversion idea for female Valhallans. I think it is both in keeping with the Soviet theme the Valhallans are based on and the fluff to have Valhallan women fight in the Imperial Guard.

I began the first conversion last night and just finished it, so let's start with some pictures:

Female Valhallan Trooper

Female Valhallan Trooper

Female Valhallan Trooper

I am happy with how she turned out, with the minor exception of the right hand. But I think it won't be as obvious once I painted her up.

Here is a breakdown of the parts I used:

1. Body and arms are from the Soviet Infantry (Winter) box by Warlord Games
2. The lasgun is a Catachan one with the battery pack cut off
3. Waterbottle and insignia were taken from various Cadian sprues
4. Pouches are by Victoria Miniatures
5. The head is from Statuesque Miniatures
6. The rest is green stuff

The hardest part in coming up with this conversion was finding a suitable torso and legs. There are a lot of third party greatcoat legs and torsos around, but looking at pictures none seemed too usable without a lot of work to make their specific cut more like the regular Valhallan greatcoats. The Warlord Games box finally looked like a good fit, both as far as the general look is concerned and the fact that their miniatures aren't as heroic-scaled as GWs, which I think is appropriate for depicting female troopers.

One thing I learned the hard way is to be more patient when working with green stuff. I noticed it is far easier to work with (at least to me) once it sat for about an hour.  

Despite that lesson the conversion itself was pretty straigtforward and a lot of fun. An excpetion was fitting the Catachan lasgun into the Warlord Games arms. Despite a good amount of cutting and bending I couldn't get it just right. But that's okay, I will try and do better on the next one.

Speeking of , here is a small preview:

Female Valhallan Trooper

She is bound to look a lot like one of the original Valhallan mortar crew, so maybe she'll swap with one of those once she is done.

One other thing:

I finally have my first game of WH40K 2nd edition coming up the first weekend of march. It will be a small skirmish of about 500 points, Imperial Guard vs. Chaos. I'll be sure to take pictures, so expect to see unpainted miniatures and a total lack of well done terrain!;)

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Converted Valhallan Sergeant - Now painted!

I just finished painting my converted Valhallan sergeant. The only thing I did before painting after my last post on him was reducing the height of the collar, as I thought it looked to big.

Here he is:

Converted Valhallan Sergeant

Converted Valhallan Sergeant
Valhallan Sergeant and Troopers

In my opinion he fits in very well and I am proud of this conversion.:)

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valhallan Plasma Gunner or Ebay Craziness!

I regularily have a go at ebay, as I'm sure is the case for many 2nd edition gamers. It is there that I bought most of my Valhallans and 2nd edition essentials like rulebooks and cards.

Having bought 9 more Valhallan heavy weapon teams off ebay on sunday, I now consider the part of collecting this army officially complete.

Unofficially I also came across something I now consider my Valhallan white whale - Plasma Gunners.

According to various collectors guide, for exampe "Collecting-Citadel-Miniatures", GW never released the Valhallan Plasma Gunner. Maybe it's because it is too similar to the Valhallan Flamer they released, but I really wouldn't have minded.

I have no idea how many of the specific miniature were ever made, but FOUR were available on ebay for the past week, scheduled to end on sunday night. Over the course of the week the bidding was not as fierce as I would have thought, so with a couple of minutes left off I went bidding on the first one to end.

Boy was I in for a suprise. It sold for about 90 euros.

Too much for me.

But it got even crazier for the other three:

Valhallan Plasma Gunner

I'd have to be seriously rich to justify spending that on a single miniature. I really hope money is of no concern to the person who bought those. Otherwise explaining THAT to the wife could proof really unpleasant.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Converted Valhallan Sergeant

I've realized that I've got enough Valhallan riflemen, special and heavy weapons for 4+ squads. The problem about the old metal Imperial Guard range is pose variety. While there are enough different poses so as to avoid having more than one of any pose in a squad, this is not possible across squads. But I am fine with that as far as basic riflemen, men with special weapons and heavy weapons crews are concerned.

What bothers me though is sergeants. I'd like to have some variety in my squad leaders, but there are only two different poses for sergeants in the old Valhallan range, the one with a chainsword and boltpistol, and the one equipped with a handflamer and sword.

So today I tried my hand at a little conversion. Here is what happened:

Valhallan Sergeant
Valhallan Sergeant
Valhallan Sergeant
Valhallan Sergeant

Here is a list of the parts I used:

- Legs and torso are from the Cadian command sprue
- The arms are from the vehicle accesoire sprue
- The chainsword is also from the Cadian command sprue
- Waterbottle and grenades are from the Cadian riflemen sprue
- The head is Westwind

Out of the box, the legs, torso and arms didn't really match the Valhallan uniform. I used some green stuff to make the trimmings on the lower part of the greatcoat slightly broader. I ulsed greenstuffed some cuffs on the arms and added a Valhallan-style collar. The aquilas on the hat and the collar were carefully cut from different Imperial bitz.

Some final work is needed to smooth out some parts, but I am already extremely happy about the way he turned out.